Steps to Complete Your Finished Basement

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One of the most rewarding home renovation projects you can undertake is completing an unfinished basement. Not only does it provide you with more space for you and your family to live and enjoy; but it also opens up storage options, and even helps increase the overall value of your home. Much like any basement

5 Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

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Renovating your home is a huge undertaking. It’s natural to be nervous, even if you have done it before. There is a lot involved when planning a home renovation. This takes a great deal of time. It’s important that you find qualified and dependable contractors for this job. Here are 5 home renovation tips to

How to apply for a building permit in Toronto?

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How to apply for a building permit in Toronto? A Building Permit in Toronto is your formal permission to begin the construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property. As part of the Building Permit process, Toronto Building staff must review your plans to ensure they comply with the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning

House Inspections Toronto

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House Inspections Toronto What are the different types of house inspections Toronto? Legislated Mandatory Inspections The Ontario Building Code, Subsection, requires builders to give notice to the Chief Building Official when your building is ready for mandatory inspections at each critical stage of construction. It is your responsibility to contact the Toronto Building

Tree & Ravine Protection Permits Toronto

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Tree & Ravine Protection Permits Toronto Tree Permits Toronto Planning on doing construction work around City-owned or private trees? Trees are a valuable asset to our city and a number of regulations and guidelines are in place to protect them. Learn how to protect and grow our urban forest and apply for permits to

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